Speed Corrected Series

During the last year, a lot of new fan-made roio labels have surfaced, their aim being to distribute new and exciting recordings to the Pink Floyd community. To this, there must of course be a reaction in the opposite direction.

So here it is, devoid of all originality and suspense, the Speed Corrected Series.

SCS 001Black Wizard1971-09-18/19Original off by 3.2%
SCS 002White Witch1971-09-18/19Original off by 3.5%
SCS 003Bob Dylan - Live at the Warehouse1976-05-03Original off by 3.5%
SCS 004All your life will ever be1972-11-29Original off by 5.8%
SCS 005The Valley of the Kings1973-03-06Original off by 4%
SCS 006Echoes from the Past1975-04-26Original off by 5%
SCS 007No More Colours1971-08-13Original off by 6%